Zagames Restaurant Review

A Quick Review of the Zagames Restaurant

We recently had the fortune of visiting our local Zagames family restaurant – a hot spot that we’ve been meaning to visit, but the recent works going on in Surfer’s Paradise had set our intentions back somewhat. Unlike other restaurants in the area, this one specialises in serving families – which already put it firmly in our good books.

What’s the facility like?

From the outside, the eatery looks fun and friendly, with a nice bright blue theme that our kids immediately took notice of. There’s a small playground outside with plenty of cover from the rays – which we’d imagine would be just as beneficial during rainy periods. Fortunately for us, the temperature was fairly moderate, but we still decided to eat indoors.

We were greeted by a smiling waitress and taken to our seats; a 6-seat table, even though there were only 4 of us. The extra space was great and it was only then that we noticed that the majority of tables were made for 6 people, with some offering more seats – but those were taken by larger groups.

We were given a stylish, yet easy to read menu for the adults, as well as two children’s menus that looked very fun. We chose a simple meal of burgers and chips, with the kids having their smaller equivalents, but we couldn’t believe the size of the child portions when they came out! They were much larger than any that we’ve come across from other eateries, so much so that we had to ask for bags to take at least half back for the kids to finish once we got home!

Our final thoughts

Overall, the entire experience was fun and the kids loved being able to use the playground while my partner and I sat outside for a final drink. The menus are very wide and varied, capable of catering to a range of tastes, but what really won us over was the price. We were able to enjoy four meals for under $40 and that’s a bargain by anyone’s standards. That included the drinks that we had after the dinner too, so all in all it’s a thumbs up from us.